Making Vegetarian Sushi Maki Rolls

Have some fun rolling up in the kitchen! Maki can be made easily, as long as you have the appropriate tools. That is, a Makistu Mat some plastic wrap and a rice cooker with a nice paddle.

It’s all about that tight grip when you roll it. Of course the filling is up to you, here its a vegetarian sort of california roll, with carrots marinated in orange juice, cucumbers, avocados sesame seeds and wasabi.

Take a deep breath, rub your hands together, focus your energy and slowly expire while rolling tight.




What you need

+ Shari Rice (aka Sushi Rice)
+ Nori (roasted seaweed)
+ Rice Vinegar
+ Konawasabe Powder
+ Soy Sauce
+ Makisu Mat (bamboo rolling mat)
+ Avacado, cucumber, carrot, mushrooms
+ Cream cheese
+ Plastic wrap

Preparing the Rice…

Wash  rice under running water in a collender for 1-2 minutes until no more starch runs off.

Cooking the Rice…

Place rice in steamer pot, adding a little bit more water than rice.
Once the cooking cycle is done, do not open the steamer and wait an additional 10 minutes for the rice to completely steam.
Open lid and fluff the rice with a rice paddle.

Seasoning the Rice…

Place rice in non-reactive bowl.
Sprinkle rice vinegar over rice.
Mix and fold the rice with a cutting motion to maintain consistency.  The rice should have a slight acidic bite, add more vinegar if needed. Cover with damp cloth until ready to use.

Mix Wasabe…

Add 4 tsp konawasabe powder to 3 tsp of water. Mix into paste in container and turn upside down for 1 minute for maximum hotness.

Roll it up

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